Award Winner for Whole Foods MarketĀ® 2013 Non-Perishable Supplier Awards: Outstanding Innovation

AgStrong – Winner of the Whole Foods Market 2012 Outstanding Innovation Award from Venture Advance on Vimeo.

AgStrong has undertaken to establish regional value added farmer participating processing facilities producing food grade non-GMO and expeller pressed canola and sunflower oil.

One of our primary purposes is to help strengthen family farms.

AgStrong helps strengthen family farms by
+ Partner farmers can realize increased revenue through receiving dividends from a logistically advantageous vertically integrated processing facility
+ Providing a local and regional market for high-value crops
+ Providing agronomic support to allow new farmers to enter into the production of canola and sunflowers which provide a lower risk crop option

The desire to undertake this project has been motivated by seeking to establish a system in which existing farmers can be benefited as well as seeking to help new family farms be put in production. With the challenges of new farmers venturing directly into grain production we established Bowersville Family Produce (a farm incubator project). This provides a lower capital/expertise opportunity for new farmers.